FIVES: Must Hear July 2015 Releases

So we’re in the midst of a heatwave and July 2015 could prove to be a landmark month for the music industry. First there is the launch of Apple Music then on Friday July 10th, a global release date comes into place. The change will see albums simultaneously being released around the world.

But what music can we expect to see unleashed in the milestone month. Well as once again Already Heard has picked five stand out releases that should fill your ears during the coming hot days.

Being As An Ocean – Being As An Ocean
Arriving off the back of a recent UK tour and in the midst of a lengthy Vans Warped Tour run, Being As An Ocean’s self-titled effort comes just a year after they delivered ‘How We Both Wondrously Perished’. This third LP once again sees them standing out in a crowded melodic hardcore scene.

Lyrically the band paint a bleak picture with tales of domestic violence and questioning their Christian values throughout. Their knack for telling stories is effective and efficient thus taking you on an emotional journey along the way; from frustration (‘The World As A Stage’) to hope (‘St. Peter’).

Joel Quartuccio’s raw vocals bark and scream throughout whilst his occasional poetic-like spoken word parts prove to be engaging. Whilst it’s the ever-present melodic vocals from guitarist Michael McGough that prove to be one of the many shining lights on ‘BAAO’. Throughout they soar bringing a sense of light and hope to Quartuccio’s dark and aggressive side. (SR)

‘Being As An Ocean’ by Being As An Ocean is released on 6th July on Impericon Records.

Being As An Ocean links: Facebook|Twitter

Knuckle Puck – Copacetic
They haven’t been away all that long (‘While I Stay Secluded’ landed as recently as last October), but Chicago five-piece Knuckle Puck finally have an album ready to go. Until this week, lead single ‘Disdain’ was all they’d shown us from ‘Copacetic’, and it hit the sweet spot between their old sound and their newer, more developed, one: heavy on pop-punk energy and unforgettable hooks, but also showcasing a greater lyrical depth; an ideal lead single from a record that, in the words of guitarist Nick Casasanto, is “an album of things I’m upset about and hurt over.” They’re looking to make a big statement, and have signed to powerhouse Rise Records to ensure they can make the most of the feverish anticipation surrounding the album’s release.

They’ve been making a lot of progress over the course of the past few years, and if the towering new song ‘True Contrite’ is anything to go by, fans will be in for some surprises. It shows a more nuanced side to the band, stretching to five minutes in length and making use of every second. They’ve already proven themselves adept at straightforward pop-punk, and now they’re attempting more ambitious things. Older songs have been left behind, meaning you won’t find any reworkings of past material on ‘Copacetic’ – it’s all new material, and it could all come together to form one of the most vital pop-punk records of the year. (GO’M)

‘Copacetic’ by Knuckle Puck is released on 31st July on Rise Records.

Knuckle Puck links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

The Gospel Youth – Empires EP
Last winter these Brighton-based newcomers warmed our hearts with their debut EP – ‘Kids’. Now they’re back as a quartet and sees them roping in Matt O’Grady (You Me At Six, Deaf Havana and many others) as a co-producer. ‘Empires’ takes those big hooks we loved from ‘Kids’ and adds lyrical sincerity from start to finish.

‘Stay Positive’ and ‘Homesick’ flourish with driving guitars, solid, upbeat drum work and, as always, the smooth vocal stylings of Sam Little. Also in the case of the latter, an insatiable, bouncy chorus begs to played repeatedly. Whilst ‘She’s the Rope’ helplessly tugs at the heart strings with its sorrowing tone.

With an abundance of hooks, don’t be surprised if ‘Empires’ becomes the soundtrack to your summer. (SR)

‘Empires’ EP by The Gospel Youth is released on 13th July on Speaking Tongues.

The Gospel Youth links: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

What’s Eating Gilbert – That New Sound You’re Looking For New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert is one busy dude at present. As well as maintaining a full time touring schedule with NFG and planning his impending nuptials with Paramore’s Hayley Williams, he’s also found the time to finally complete the debut full length from long time solo project What’s Eating Gilbert.

Expect ‘That New Sound You’re Looking For’ to feature more peppy classic rock and roll and rockabilly loaded with irresistible melodies and gushing tributes to the wonder of the soon to be Mrs Gilbert. It won’t all be fawning love songs though, there’s sure to be plenty of wry introspection and airing of past demons thrown in for good measure too. No release is likely to pleasantly surprise listeners quite as much as this one this Summer. (DW)

‘That New Sound You’re Looking For’ by What’s Eating Gilbert is released on 10th July on Hopeless Records.

What’s Eating Gilbert links: Twitter|Facebook|Twitter

Forrest – Soluna
It seems like we’ve been waiting for this debut full-length from Forrest, however it was definitely worth the wait. The South Wales quartet have produced a record that is drenched in grunge-infused emo rock that gives the likes of Balance & Composure, Turnover and Citizen a run for their money.

From the atmospheric opening of ‘Ambition’ to the stirring ‘Close To Me’ to the slow burning ‘Standing Stone’, Forrest showcase a range of emotions and styles on ‘Soluna’. Add a few subtle hooks and a set of well-paced numbers, and ‘Soluna’ turns out to a breezy, at times experimental, but strong alt rock record that shouldn’t be ignored. (SR)

‘Soluna’ by Forrest is released on 16th July on Close To Home Records.

Forrest links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp|Tumblr

Words by Sean Reid (SR), Gareth O’Malley (GO’M) and Dane Wright (DW)


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