In Case You Missed It (04/08/2019)

Every weekend Already Heard gives you a rundown of what you have missed in the music world in the past seven days. ‘In Case You Missed It’ is your go-to source to find out all the latest tour news and music and video releases.

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New Music

floral print – floral print EP

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KoRn – Cold
Wage War – Me Against Myself
Wage War – Prison
IDLES – I Dream Guillotine
Vinnie Caruana – Better
The Early November – Hit By A Car (In Euphoria)
Lagwagon – Bubble
Frank Turner – Jinny Bingham’s Ghost
Microwave – Carry
Slow Crush – Dizzy
Elvis Depressedly – Jane, Don’t You Know Me?
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Newmoon – Collide Into Me
Selfish Things – Hole
RØYLS – Choose To Believe
The Wild! – Playing With Fire
SIBIIR – Leeches
Wizard Rifle – V
Destroy Planets – Immortal
Stake – Doped Up Salvations
Lilith – Decency
Tiger Army – Devil That You Don’t Know
Forgetting The Memories – Heartfeeder
MOHIT – Regaeezer

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Bring Me The Horizon – Sugar honey ice & tea
Northlane – Eclipse
New Found Glory – A Thousand Years
Simple Creatures – Special
Have Mercy – The Love Life
Refused – Blood Red
IDLES – Mercedes Marxist
DragonForce – Highway to Oblivion
Black Futures – Body & Soul
SeeYouSpaceCowboy – Armed With Their Teeth
Meg & Dia – American Spirit
MisterWives – whywhywhy
The Rocket Summer – Blankets
65daysofstatic – popular beats
Press Club – Thinking About You
Microwave – DIAWB
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Acres – Lullaby
Brutality Will Prevail – Slither
Neshiima – Caving In
Like Giants – Cut and Run
Queen of Jeans – All the Same
Knuckle – Cash and Carry
Cult of Luna – The Silent Man
Hemina – What’s the Catch?
Bonniesongs – Frank
Derek Ted – Sew Me Up
Suggested Friends – Cygnets
HALFNOISE – Boogie Juice
Midnight Divide – Who Do You Think That You Are?
Havelocke – Gone
wavebye – show me
The Velveteers – Lean Woman Blues (T.Rex Cover)
The Shaking Sensations – Sightings[/hoot_one_half][/hoot_toggle]

[hoot_toggle title=”Tour News”][hoot_one_half]Rammstein
14th Principality Stadium, Cardiff

6th O2 Academy 2, Birmingham
7th Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London
8th O2 Academy, Leicester
9th O2 Academy, Bournemouth

Testament, Exodus and Death Angel
3rd O2 Academy, Bristol
4th National Stadium, Dublin
6th The Forum, London
7th Academy, Manchester
8th Barrowland, Glasgow

Vinnie Caruana
3rd Heartbreakers, Southampton
4th Bodega, Nottingham
5th Exchange, Bristol
7th Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
8th Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
10th Broadcast, Glasgow
11th Cluny 2, Newcastle
12th Jimmys, Manchester
14th The Boiler Room, Guildford
15th The Black Heart, London

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17th The Railway Inn, Winchester
18th Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
19th SWN Festival, Cardiff
21st Kasbah Club, Coventry
22nd The Key Club, Leeds
25th Thousand Island, London

Fontaines D.C.
25th O2 Brixton Academy, London

14th If Not Now, When?, Oxford
15th Moth Club, London
16th The Lending Room, Leeds
17th Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
18th Crofters Rights, Bristol

The Velveteers
10th Broadcast, Glasgow*
11th The Jacaranda, Liverpool*
12th The Retro Bar, Manchester*
13th The Waterfront, Norwich*
14th Shacklewell Arms, London
17th The Moon Room, Cardiff
18th The Victoria, Birmingham
19th The Crofter’s Rights, Bristol
20th The Cotswold Inn, Cheltenham
21st Esquires, Bedford
*co-headline with The Pearl Harts

In The News

Reading, Pennsylvania death metallers Black Crown Initiate have joined Century Media.

Fueled By Ramen have welcomed New York based group, MisterWives.

Genre-bending solo artist Derek Ted has joined Pure Noise Records.

Album/EP Releases

RØYLS – I Think Too Much EP
1. Choose To Believe
2. Life Like This
3. Wicked Thoughts
4. We Rule The Night
5. I Can’t Let This Feeling Go

Forgetting The Memories – Known Darkness EP (Long Branch Records)

Western Settings – Another Year (A-F Records / Gunner Records)
1. Another Year
2. Big
3. Break
4. Back to 52
5. Spinning World
6. Duckets Is Tight
7. Better
8. Hermit
9. That’s Pretty Good
10. Charmian
11. Agnus

Microwave – Death Is A Warm Blanket (Pure Noise Records)
1. Leather Daddy
2. Float To The Top
4. The Brakeman Has Resigned
5. Hate TKO
7. Pull
8. Love’s Will Tear Us Apart
9. Mirrors
10. Carry
11. Part of It

Cult of Luna – A Dawn to Fear (Metal Blade)
1. The Silent Man
2. Lay Your Head to Rest
3. A Dawn to Fear
4. Nightwalkers
5. Lights on the Hill
6. We Feel the End
7. Inland Rain
8. The Fall

Selfish Things – Logos (Pure Noise Records)
1. Flood
2. Blood (ft. Andy Leo)
3. Rowen
4. Pride
5. Synaptic
6. Torn (ft. Spencer Chamberlain)
7. Hole
8. Crutch
9. Drained (ft. William Ryan Key)
10. Mind
11. Youth

Neshiima – Green EP

The Early November – Lilac (Rise Records)
1. Perfect Sphere (Bubble)
2. My Weakness
3. Ave Maria
4. Hit By A Car (In Euphoria)
5. Comatose
6. Fame
7. You Own My Mind
8. I Dissolve
9. Make My Bed
10. Our Choice
11. The Lilac

DragonForce – Extreme Power Metal
1. Highway to Oblivion
2. Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine
3. The Last Dragonborn
4. Heart Demolition
5. Troopers of the Stars
6. Razorblade Meltdown
7. Strangers
8. In a Skyforged Dream
9. Remembrance Day
10. My Heart Will Go On

SeeYouSpaceCowboy – The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds (Pure Noise)
1. Armed With Their Teeth
2. With High Hopes and Clipped Wings
3. Disdain Coupled With A Wide Smile
4. A Space Marked “Escape”
5. Prolonging The Inevitable Forever
6. Late December
7. Have You Lost The Plot?
8. Put On A Show, Don’t Let Them See You Fall
9. No Words, No Compensating Lies
10. Dissertation Of An Idle Voice
11. The Phoenix Must Reset

Like Giants – Sovereign EP
1. Right in the childhood
2.The Poet
3. Cut and Run
4. Beauty Queen

Lagwagon – Railer (Fat Wreck Chords)
1. Stealing Light
2. Surviving California
3. Jini
4. Parable
5. Dangerous Animal
6. Bubble
7. The Suffering
8. Dark Matter
9. Fan Fiction
10. Pray For Them
11. Auf Wiedersehen
12. Faithfully

Vinnie Caruana – Aging Frontman EP (Big Scary Monsters)

Elvis Depressedly – Depressedelica (Run For Cover Records)
1. Who Can Be Loved In This World?
2. Jane, Don’t You Know Me?
3. Chariot
4. Primal Sigh
5. Can You Hear My Guitar Rotting?
6. Holo World
7. Chariot (Reprise)
8. Peace On Earth
9. Control
10. Let’s Break Up The Band
11. New Love In The Summertime

SIBIIR – Ropes (Fysisk Format)
1. Leeches
2. Worlds Apart
3. For The Few
4. A Trail of Failed Attempts
5. Transparent Lives
6. The Silent Repent
7. Blurred Flickering Pictures
8. Monoton
9. Old Patterns

HalfNoise – Natural Disguise (LAB Records)

Suggested Friends – Turtle Taxi (Fika Recordings)
1. Imminent
2. Cygnets
3. The Apocalypse (It’s Just A Day Away)
4. G.N.A.
5. At Ease
6. Turtle Taxi
7. Pretty Soon Your Grave Will Be A Landfill
8. Blooms
9. For Jokes
10. Magnolia

Newmoon – Nothing Hurts Forever (PIAS)
1. Let It End
2. Raptured
3. In Harmony
4. Collide Into Me
5. Blue Hole
6. Give Me The Pain
7. Vague
8. In and Out and Over
9. Only You

Winter Storm – Relapse In Time
1. Intro
2. Dreamscape
3. Colliding Skies
4. Defy Me
5. Astral World
6. In Time
7. Lifeless Plain
8. Thought Machine
9. Another Lost Light
10. Ever Dark
11. Final Parting Glass

Slow Crush – Ease EP (Deluxe Edition)
1. Dizzy
2. Sway
3. Big Lip
4. Linger
5. Aurora (Part Time Punks Sessions Live)
6. Sway – Alternate Version (Part Time Punks Sessions Live)
7. Tremble (Part Time Punks Sessions Live)
8. Glow (Part Time Punks Sessions Live)

Stake – Critical Method (Hassle Records)
1. Critical Method
2. The Absolute Center
3. Careless
4. Human Throne
5. Catatonic Dreams
6. Devolution
7. Doped Up Salvations
8. Eyes For Gold

Festival News

London based promoters Chaos Theory will celebrate their 10th anniversary on 29th February 2020. The Chaos Theory Festival will take place at The Dome and Boston Music Room. The first names announced are Vodun, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Gold, Alpha Male Tea Party and Memory of Elephants. While Italian noise artist Mai Mai Mai will play their first ever UK show featuring Simne Donadni. Tickets are available here.


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