In Case You Missed It (07/07/2019)

Every weekend Already Heard gives you a rundown of what you have missed in the music world in the past seven days. ‘In Case You Missed It’ is your go-to source to find out all the latest tour news and music and video releases.

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New Music

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blink-182 – Happy Days
Frank Turner – Sister Rosetta
Sleep Token – The Offering
Skunk Anansie – What You Do For Love
Press Club – Thinking About You
Renounced – Self Inflicted
Witterquick – Run
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Shaded – just not done
Daughter – Poke
The Dollyrots – Obvious
Halcyon Hope – A1 (acoustic)
Peaer – Don’t
Loud Love – Angels Maintenance
He Danced Ivy – Toothcutter

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BabyMetal – Pa Pa Ya!!
Jamie Lenman – She Bop
ROAM – I Don’t Think I Live There Anymore
Grayscale – In Violet
Cold Years – Breathe
Thy Art Is Murder – Make America Hate Again
Carnifex – World War X
Shinedown – Monsters
Bokassa – Vultures
Bellevue Days – Freakin’ Out
RedHook – Only Bones
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ExitWounds – Divide
Ivy Crown – Not Who We Are
The Offering – Ultraviolence
3teeth – Pumped Up Kicks
Bones UK – I’m Afraid Of Americans
Tungsten – We Will Rise
The Motion Below – State of Decay
Bandaid Brigade – Travel Light
Shiragirl – Nothin’ To Lose
100 Fables – History
Swan – Sweat Baby Sweat

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Petrol Girls
14th Tufnell Park Dome, London (Loud Women Festival)
15th The Waterfront Studio, Norwich
17th Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
18th Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
19th Flapper, Birmingham
20th Exchange, Bristol
21st The Joiners, Southampton
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6th Underworld, London
7th Rebellion, Manchester
8th Audio, Glasgow
10th Waterfront Studio, Norwich
11th The Fleece, Bristol

In The News

Swedish metallers Tungsten have signed with Arising Empire.

Album/EP Releases

Frank Turner – No Man’s Land (Xtra Mile Recordings/Polydor Records)
1. Jinny Bingham’s Ghost
2. Sister Rosetta
3. I Believed You, William Blake
4. Nica
5. A Perfect Wife
6. Silent Key
7. Eye of the Day
8. The Death of Dora Hand
9. The Graveyard of the Outcast Dead
10. The Lioness
11. The Hymn of Kassiani
12. Rescue Annie
13. Rosemary Jane

Press Club – Wasted Energy (Hassle Records)
1. Separate Houses
2. Dead Or Dying
3. Thinking About You
4. Chosen Ones
5. Obsessing
6. Get Better
7. Behave
8. New Year’s Eve
9. How Can It Not Be Love?
10. I’m In Hell
11. Same Mistakes
12. Twenty-Three

Peaer – A Healthy Earth (Tiny Engines)
1. Circle
2. Ollie
3. Like You
4. Commercial
5. Don’t
6. Multiverse
7. Joke
8. In My Belly
9. I.K.W.Y.T.
10. Wilbur
11. Have Fun!

ROAM – Smile Wide (Hopeless Records)
1. Better In Than Out
2. I Don’t Think I Live There Anymore
4. Play Dumb
5. The Fire On The Ceiling
6. Piranha
7. Red & Blue
8. Hand Grenade
9. Toy Box
10. Turn

Grayscale – Nella Vita (Fearless Records)
1. Just Right
2. Baby Blue
3. In Violet
5. Twilight (My Heaven)
6. Old Friends
7. Painkiller Weather
8. What’s on Your Mind
9. Asbury
10. Desert Queen
11. In My Arms
12. Tommy’s Song

The New Death Cult – The New Death Cult
1. Light Spills Over
2. Zeitgeist
3. True Eye
4. Moon
5. The War
6. Blood Of Babylon
7. Colours Of The Mind
8. Home
9. Edel

Tungsten – We Will Rise (Arising Empire)
1. We Will Rise
2. Misled
3. The Fairie’s Dance
4. Coming Home
5. It Ain’t Over
6. As I’m falling
7. Sweet Vendetta
8. Animals
9. Remember
10. To The Bottom
11. Impolite
12. Wish Upon A Star

Renounced – Beauty Is A Destructive Angel (Holy Roar Records)
1. Ghosts
2. Self Inflicted
3. In a Years Turning
4. Saltation
5. Calloused
6. Calculated Risk
7. The Rico Conspiracy
8. Torchbearer
9. General Population
10. Beauty Is A Destructive Angel
11. A Statue Of Frozen Glass


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