In Case You Missed It (08/07/2018)

Every weekend Already Heard gives you a rundown of what you have missed in the music world in the past seven days. ‘In Case You Missed It’ is your go-to source to find out all the latest tour news and music and video releases.

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New Music

No Sleep Records – Bummer Summer 2018 Compilation

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[hoot_one_half]Muncie Girls – Falling Down
Hellions – Furrow
Homebound – Change Of Heart
Redwood – Mother
Youth Killed It – Great British Summer
COPE – Wounds
Living With Lions – Tidal Wave
Actor Observer – On Your Laurels[/hoot_one_half][hoot_one_half last=”yes”]UNEARTH – Incinerate
BAEST – Vortex
DORO – Lift Me Up
Black Fast – Husk
Lights Like Autumn – Roulette
Every Hour Kills – Illusorian
If Not For Me – Milwaukee[/hoot_one_half]

New Videos

[hoot_one_half]Deaf Havana – Sinner
Bleeding Through – No Friends
Gold Key – Mechanical World
Pagan – Silver
Anna’s Anchor – White Washed Corridor
Sick Joy – Stumbler
Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic
Witterquick – Bubblegum
Eat Defeat – Nothing’s Wrong
KØU – Time Is The Enemy
Boat Race Weekend – Youth
Bokassa – Hellbilly Handfishin’[/hoot_one_half][hoot_one_half last=”yes”]ANNISOKAY – Unaware
VENUES – Fading Away
Time, The Valuator – In Control
Tides of Man – Static Hymn
MUNICIPAL WASTE – Slime and Punishment
ABORTED – Squalor Opera
Throat – No Hard Shoulder
Visitors – Apoplexia
NOSOUND – Don’t You Dare
Hidden Hospitals – Acid Rain
Rare Americans – Balmoral Hotel
The Anchor – Kids in America[/hoot_one_half]

Tour News

Youth Killed It
6th Aatma, Manchester
7th Epic, Norwich
9th Subside, Birmingham
10th Hy-Brasil, Bristol
12th Notting Hill Arts Club, London

In The News

No Sleep Records have welcomed Michigan based rock band Forest Green and New England based post-hardcore band Actor Observer.

Canadian emo band Castlefield have joined Penultimate Records.

Long Branch Records have signed German deathcore quintet Walking Dead On Broadway.

Album/EP Releases


Tides on Man – Every Nothing
1. Static Hymn
2. Mercury Fields
3. New Futures
4. Far Off
5. Old 88
6. Waxwing
7. Keep Telling Yourself
8. Everything Is Fine, Everyone is Happy
9. Death is No Dread Enemy
10. Outside Ourselves
11. Mosaic
12. Infinite Ceiling

Actor Observer – Pareidolia (No Sleep Records)
1. Tyranny of the Remembering Self
2. The Devil You Know
3. Pendulum Days
4. Reprieve
5. Reuptake
6. In Your Ways
7. Low and Beholden
8. Well Being
9. On Your Laurels
10. Dilettante
11. Pareidolia

Throat – Bareback (Svart Records)

Anna’s Anchor – Everybody’s Welcome (Failure By Design Records)
1. Executive Summary
2. 8 Hours in Stanstead
3. White Washed Corridor
4. Precautionary
5. Four Quarters Interlude
6. 50 States
7. Johnny Cash Was A Punk
8. Summer Camp
9. For The Parish
10. Appendix A B C

Living With Lions – Island (No Sleep Records)
1. All The Same (Intro)
2. Second Narrows
3. Tidal Wave
4. Dusty Records
5. The Remedy
6. On A Rope
7. Interlude
8. Plastic Flowers
9. Night Habits
10. Hastings Sunrise
11. Another Ordinary Summer
12. Island

Nosound – Allow Yourself (Kscope)

Redwood – Lay Your Love Down EP (Failure By Design Records)
1. In Your Arms
2. Mother
3. Denaline
4. Magnolia
5. Yellowstone

Youth Killed It – What’s So Great, Britain? (Rude Records)

Festival News

TALONS, Happy Accidents, Nervus (Em solo), Gender Roles, and Matt Emery have been added to Big Scary Monsters‘ event. It’ll take place across three unique East London venues – Moth Club, Paper Dress Vintage and Hackney Empire Bar – on Saturday 1st September 2018.

Macmillan Fest Nottingham has added The Fallen State, The Cruel Knives, Valis Ablaze, Holiday Oscar, Luke Rainsford and Danny Wright to this year’s lineup.


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