Influences: 5 Albums That Influenced Brave Vultures

Last month Essex quartet Brave Vultures released their debut EP – ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’. Over the course of five songs, they showcase a mix of impassioned, melodic alt rock that transcends various genres.

Now as they release a video for their track ‘Where I Wanna Be’, we caught up with the band to discuss five albums that have influenced them.

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Beartooth – Disgusting

Jack (guitar): I’ve always been more drawn to songs through lyrics over anything else, and this album just connects to me on so many levels with what Caleb Shomo writes about. Its helped me through some really hard times and is one of those albums I can just have on repeat in the car, shouting along at the dashboard and will never get old. He originally wrote this album as a way to vent out feelings and get things off his chest, it wasn’t written with the aim of selling records, he just had a lot going on and put it down into music. You can feel that passion when you listen to the music and the words, especially on the final track ‘Sick and Disgusting’, where the vocals were recorded in one take. He is so passionate about the words and what the song means that he actually breaks down and cries during the track. All this passion and raw emotion inspires me so much and just makes me want to write. I’ve always been into heavier music and it influences my playing style dramatically, and I think that adds a little something extra to the band.

Moose Blood – I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time

Dom (Guitar/Vocals): This is the album that influences me and is the reason why I write the way I do within Brave Vultures. I had always been a fan of Moose Blood since I first heard their ‘Moving Home’ EP in 2013. I love the way they mix the low and high vocals within their earlier stuff. That was something that influenced me a lot when I was in the recording studio. The simpleness of each track on ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time’ was also something I liked and influenced my writing within Brave Vultures.

Nirvana – Nevermind

Harry (Bass/Vocals): What more can be said about such a monumental album. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the first song that everyone learns on guitar! It’s one of the few albums for me that almost has to be listened to the whole way through. It’s too good to turn off! There’s no way I could pick a favourite Nirvana song, and after 25 years this album really has stood the test of time. What a band!

Basement – Colourmeinkindness

Harry (Bass/Vocals): This is probably my favourite album ever. This album has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life, but at the same time some of the tracks put me in a great mood! A huge influence on me and Dom, we’ve been to see them so many times now. The thing that always stands out to me with Basement is the lyrics. They can be so emotional and raw, and it almost feels like they write lyrics that other bands are afraid to. An awesome band and definitely an album to check out if you already haven’t.

Turnover – Peripheral Vision

Harry (Bass/Vocals): I love this album! They are probably my favourite band right now and I still can’t get enough of this album since hearing it for the first time. Their chilled out yet upbeat sound is so unique to me, and Austin Getz vocals fit so perfectly over the top. This band is so great, and if you’ve heard Brave Vultures debut single ‘With Me’ then you’ll notice that we name drop this album in the second verse! A great album from start to finish, me and Dom are going to see them in a few weeks and we can’t wait!

‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’ EP by Brave Vultures is out now.

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