INFLUENCES: 5 Bands That Influenced Midday Committee

With their infectious hooks and charming harmonies wrapped up in a ball of melodic pop punk, Midday Committee have all the ingredients to stand out from the ever-growing pop punk crowd. Latest single, ‘She Gets Me’ is a sincere, upbeat blast of summery pop-punk that highlights the Portsmouth trio’s talents.

As their style is so buoyant and shamelessly fun, we decided to ask Midday Committee what five bands have influenced them along the way. Thankfully they duly obliged.

Fall Out Boy
We have to start with these guys. The inspiration FOB has had on our early pop punk brains is unreal! I suppose we’ve picked up a lot of techniques from them and people often say they can hear it in the our melodies. Patrick has some pipes on him and all. Corrr!
New Found Glory

Another blast from the past, despite refusing to die down or sell out! It’s admirable really. What good guys! Their self-titled album didn’t leave my portable CD player for a while.

‘Watch Out!’ was an album that saw change. I guess around this time the whole “Emo” thing was in full swing. All I remember is seeing them live and thinking this is the way forward. I think they inspired a lot of people in the exact same way. It’s a great album though. Dallas Green knows how to do it.

Four Year Strong
‘Rise or Die’ and ‘Enemy of The World’ are both equally awesome records. They were a big, big deal when we first started out, and even though we’ve never tried to rip them off, I’d love to have the kind of crowd-catching songwriting ability they have. You can’t help but sing-along.

Alkaline Trio

So one of my earliest memories is seeing ‘Private Eye’ on music telly. I still remember seeing the video on what was probably a new thing back then called Kerrang! TV. I got the album (‘From Here To Infirmary’) shortly after and I still love that record to this day. Sometimes you don’t have to be all shiney and lovely. You can be dark and sing about skeletons, it’s alright, no one will think you’re a weirdo.

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