Review: Beyond Recall – Selfish Scars EP

In this never ending ocean of alternative music, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the schools of peers surrounding you. Every idea under the sun has been bludgeoned lifeless and crossing over very different genres produce more duff efforts than hits. That’s not to say that bands that try something a bit different shouldn’t be praised for their initiative and drive to stick out. The only problem is that if you are going to try something a bit different, make sure it’s actually watertight or the cracks will shine like diamonds. Unfortunately, ‘Selfish Scars’ by Beyond Recall slots rather snug into this bracket.

On paper there is nothing wrong with Beyond Recall in the slightest. Flavours of late 00’s pop punk, post hardcore and metal clash together to create a youthful exuberant sound, and at times it really works. Opener ‘Characters’ is gruff yet poppy and possesses one hell of a hook, while ‘Almost’ reeks of ‘Best In Town’ era The Blackout.

The issue lies in how determined the band seem to be to include every single idea they can think of in the shortest amount of time. This results in sloppy interchanges, out of place moments and a niggling feeling of the whole thing being rushed. Combine that with a production that does their choppy style no favours, we are left with an EP that has so much potential nestled in its crevices but is, at points, very difficult to digest.

Time is a wonderful healer and hindsight is a precious gift. Both these things will definitely work in Beyond Recall’s favour. With the level of ideas that are presented on ‘Selfish Scars’, a bit more control and the continued enthusiasm they seem to possess, we could be looking at a future scene shaker.


‘Selfish Scars’ EP by Beyond Recall is out now.

Beyond Recall links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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