Review: Great Cynics – Posi

London outfit Great Cynics have penned a love letter to their hometown with their new album ‘Posi’.

As the album’s title suggest, this is a tremendously positive record. It’s as if its sole reason for existence is to just make you smile, and it delivers. This is proven correct from the get-go with opener, ‘Let Me Go Home’. Littered with catchy hooks and singalongs that’ll keep you grinning throughout. The dance-like verses of ‘Blue Roll and Duct Tape’ are like a punk interpretation of The 1975.

Great Cynics confirm that there is no place like home in ‘Happiness, London’, a track in which the line “Happiness is a place in London” will get lodged so deep into your brain you’ll believe it yourself. Whilst this is a record all about having a positive mental attitude, the band delve into politics with ‘Don’t Buy The Sun’, a song urging you not to buy the heavily-criticised tabloid paper. ‘Easily Done’ is a simple punk tune that creates a sense of accessibility with the album. The no-nonsense nature of the record also amplifies how enjoyable and joyful it is.

‘Summer At Home’ is a real nostalgia trip, reminiscing about drinking Tyskie and hanging with your mates. Once more, the band demonstrate that they’re hand-made for a great anthemic singalong, preferably with all your best friends Single, ‘Butterfly Net’ follows, fusing everything the band excel at – a catchy hook, positivity and capturing that feling of having a blast. The album closes with ‘Things We Don’t Need’. The track isn’t even a minute long but somehow leaves you satisfied as an album closer should.

Great Cynics prove that all you need is four chords, a great hook and an immense amount of positivity to leave the listener grinning from ear to ear. Well that, and a can of Tyskie.


‘POSI’ by Great Cynics is released on 24th March on Specialist Subject Records.

Great Cynics links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

Words by Ryan Wilson (@thrillcollins_)


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