Review: Hang Tight – Grind EP

Had New Jersey surf-punks Hang Tight released new EP ‘Grind’ just a few months earlier it would have undoubtedly been one of the EPs of the summer. As it is it serves as a much neededed throwback to brighter, warmer times as we drift through Autumn. Evolving from the generic pop-punk past of former band Picture Perfect, they have conitnued the same mentality, only with a tighter sound. Leaving plenty of room for growth in future releases, this EP is an infectious explosion of summer anthems and reminiscent lyrics.

Kicking off with ‘The Rents’, the whole band screams in with punchy drums and harmonious vocals that reflect on tough times; “I just want a home to go too” and finding family where you least expect it. Followed up by ‘Forget About It’, the perfect example of a sing-along chorus, continuing the upbeat nature of ‘Grind’.

Later the melancholic ‘Pretty in True Blue’ breathes atmospheric vocals as Pete Zengerle sings “Pretty say goodbye to feeling so empty”, as musically things head in a more indie focused direction. Packed with repetitive guitars and “hey!” chants, this pensive track is a well-placed lull in the middle of the EP.

‘Digital Age’ provides Hang Tight’s highpoint – screaming in with arguably the catchiest synth intro ever, this party anthem demands to be heard. With Zengerle challenging us to “look at me and not your screen” in a time where we live so vicariously through our phones, this track is relentlessly fast, confrontational and its energy doesn’t falter for a moment.

Rounding off the EP all too quickly is the lovesick ‘Be Mine’, dripping in optimism and sweet nothings. From the hard-hitting kick to hook-laden riffs, it leaves you instantly wanting to hit replay to experience the fun and energy of this surf-punk quartet all over again.

Hang Tight have showcased their new sound with ease, packing in plenty of infectious tracks and honest lyrics. This lot show they have a lot to offer and seemt set to quickly make a name for themselves in the New Jersey pop-punk scene.


‘Grind’ EP by Hang Tight is out now on StandBy Records.

Hang Tight links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Selina Payandee (@nekdep)


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