Review: The Pearl Harts – Glitter and Spit

 The Pearl Harts - Glitter and SpitIt’s rare that the first twenty seconds of a track can capture the essence of the entire album. Its heavy-duty, bluesy riff and pounding kick drives ‘Black Blood’ forward. The track opens ‘Glitter and Spit’, the debut album by The Pearl Harts, dripping in attitude and endless hooks. Meeting on the road, Kirsty Lowrey (lead vocals/guitar) and Sara Leigh Shaw (drums/vocals), the pair have been playing music on their own terms for a few years.

Thickening up their sound through loops and samples, The Pearl Harts have plenty of variety in their tracks. ‘The Rush’ swaggers along with vigour and screams female empowerment as Lowrey sings “She is the rush that’ll run through your blood.” ‘Lara’ follows and highlights Lowrey’s husky vocals, with a punchy chant and chorus that’ll stick with you.

A lull takes place in ‘Lost in Time’, the ethereal, grungy tone and clean vocals differ from the relentless freneticism of ‘Hit the Bottle’ – just over two minutes of reckless rock ‘n’ roll.

A further noticeable track is ‘Skeleton Made of Diamonds’. Exuding their effortlessly cool attitude through their signature raw sound, hard-hitting drums and lingering vocals, it showcases exactly what the duo have to offer. ‘Hurt’ closes ‘Glitter and Spit’ in the same fashion it started; hard with crunchy riffs and overlapping vocals simply adding to the anticipated build-up and conclusion.

The Pearl Harts are one of those bands that sound huge beyond their time. The surprising debut ‘Glitter and Spit’ is not only incredibly titled, but it contains an immense amount of promise for the duo. Their relentless grit, attitude and incessant charisma take you on a wild ride from start to finish.


‘Glitter and Spit’ by The Pearl Harts is released on 23rd February.

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Words by Selina Payandee (@nekdep)


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