Review: Lightblue – Paradise Lost EP

Emerging South West pop-punk quintet Lightblue have hit their local scene hard. Touring extensively and playing with a host of names in the UK pop-punk scene, they know the grind of getting where you want to be. They are set to establish themselves further with debut EP, ‘Paradise Lost’. This trio of tracks show that Lightblue have nothing to shy away from. With bouncy pop and angsty lyrics to a moodier and intense tone, this EP acts as a taster of what they might have to offer further down the line.

The triplet kicks off with the carefree ‘In the Back Of My Room’, with a hook that wouldn’t go amiss on an American Pie soundtrack. Callum Middleton’s raw and exaggerated vocals soar hoarsely and keep up with the band’s energy throughout. While the aggressive ethos of The Story So Far is captured on ‘Far Gone’. The raucous, punchy number stands against the other two tracks on this EP. Its infectious tempo gives the track plenty of replay value and shows just what this band is capable of. The inclusion of gang vocals makes ‘Far Gone’ into one hell of a punk anthem.

The hauntingly slow burner ‘Mast’ closes off the EP, with atmospheric drums and echoey vocals lingering until the final build-up. Its routine structure, somewhat, takes the momentum away from what precedes it.

‘Paradise Lost’ is a varied showcase of a band that knows what they’re doing. It’s unapologetic and unsurprising in its approach for an emo/pop-punk outfit, but it is nothing to brush off either. If there was ever a time to start anew in this scene, it’d be now. With an increasing support and plethora of new bands emerging, Lightblue easily set themselves amongst others.


‘Paradise Lost’ EP by Lightblue is out now on Shipwreck Records.

Lightblue links: Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Words by Selina Payandee (@nekdep)


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