Review: Rosen Bridge – Dreamcatcher EP

North Wales has been somewhat of a hotbed for breeding a wealth of talented bands over the years. The latest in the ever-growing line is metalcore quintet Rosen Bridge with sophomore EP, ‘Dreamcatcher’.

From the very top Rosen Bridge introduce a blend of sounds bringing together low tuned, ominous guitar work encompassing doom-filled, heavy riffs and beautiful soaring vocals creating a sound reminiscent of fellow countrymen Funeral For A Friend. EP opener and title track ‘Dreamcatcher’ is characterised by a barrage of monstrous, layered backing punctuated by the clever melodies of vocalist Antony Jones. There is a certain disparity between the vocals and the music throughout with the two pieces seemingly borrowed from two very different genres. Jones’ vocals are clean and confident, showing an impressive range and ability to captivate whilst musically, the band play to a decidedly heavier side.

‘Hold On’ continues in the same vein with an almost Emarosa-esque precision. Complimentary backing harmonies help the vocals shine above all, weaved thoughtfully with subtle lead guitar lines. Rosen Bridge show a tender side at points, with the light and shade helping parts of this song to attack with the ferocity of a hungry animal.

‘Never Grow’ again shows real dynamics playing with the lighter side of Rosen Bridge before more rumbling guitars punch. There is a nice back and forth between the Jones’ impressive abilities and a band helping to elevate every line with powerful musicianship. ‘Brand New’ again showcases ability and song craft, in what could be noted as a formulaic approach, that is apart from a discordant and utterly frightening breakdown that could be the staple of any live set.

Rosen Bridge have committed to a sound sure to create waves with ‘Dreamcatcher’, which could see them carrying the torch for North Wales as momentum increases. At only four tracks, there is a sense of incompletion when listening but this only leaves room for what is sure to be a career-defining LP, if and when the time comes.


‘Dreamcatcher’ by Rosen Bridge is out now.

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Words by Jay Harrison (@Just_Jay_89)


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