Review: USA Nails – No Pleasure

USA Nails – No PleasureWith former members of Oceansize, Kong, Hawk Eyes and Future of the Left to name a few in tow, the second full-length from London’s USA Nails was always set to be a sandpaper-coated slab of scuzz. Though there was no knowing how deep into the murky depths ‘No Pleasure’ was really going to plunge.

All completely coated in a thick layer of analogue recording and fuzzy backwash, the band seemingly tear at each other with gristly punk smiles and a disregard for the comfortable. ‘You’re A Stain’ and ‘They’d Name An Age After Me’ burn brightly with consuming builds and frontal lobe piercing guitars as ‘Automated Cyst’ and ‘I Am In A Van’ clatters about with true British grit and tongue burrowing firmly into the cheek of the overzealous.

What USA Nails have really achieved with ‘No Pleasure’ is an audio companion to a night where you really should know better but when it comes down to it you don’t give a flying shit what anyone thinks. Basically, this is a real chandelier swinger of an album.


’No Pleasure’ by USA Nails is released on 6th November on Smalltown America.

USA Nails links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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