Sugar Horse Preview New EP with ‘Consequences’

Sugar Horse band promo photo 2023

Heavy experimentalist group Sugar Horse recently announced plans to release a new EP called ‘Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico. The EP is designed to be one song, prolonging the A note across six parts. Having previously shared the second part, ‘Or’, today the “doomgaze” band have shared the next chapter – ‘Consequences’.

It sees the quartet highlight their ambient side before its eventual build.  “This section kind of feels like stepping into the eye of a particularly lengthy storm. It’s a short reprieve where we break everything down before climbing back up that staircase again,” said Sugar Horse. “Lyrically it describes the catharsis of art. You can take in any pain, hurt and bullshit from day to day like, then use it to generate something positive and beautiful. There’s something I find unbelievably beautiful in that kind of genesis. It’s probably the closest I come to any kind of religious thought. You take hell and turn it into heaven.”

‘Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico’  is due for release on November 3rd via Fat Dracula Records (UK) and Metal Blade Records (US).

Fans can pre-order/pre-save ‘Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico’ here.


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