Sugar Horse Announce New EP (‘Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico’)

Sugar Horse band promo photo 2023

UK “doomgaze” specialist Sugar Horse will be releasing a new EP on November 3rd via Fat Dracula Records (UK) and Metal Blade Records (US).

Entitled ‘Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico’, the EP is designed to be one song, prolonging the A note across six parts.

“It’s frequently been difficult for us, as a band, to limit ourselves to “normal” pop song lengths and structures….as evidenced in pretty much all of our releases to date. From time to time we feel the need to loose the ropes that bind us and let our Long and tedious flag fly freely. Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico is the result of said untethering,” Sugar Horse explained. “We’ve always found the idea of exploring a single note over long stretches of time interesting and this song is that idea taken to an extreme logical conclusion. It’s an exploration of the note A in all its possible variations.”

On commenting on the EP’s lyrical nature, the band said the song “is an extravaganza of navel-gazing.” 

“There’s a cliché in the literary world nowadays of authors writing novels about the trials, tribulations and rewards of writing a novel. Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico is just as sickeningly self-referential, exploring the obsessive urge to create art of all kinds and how it turns into a cycle of imbibing real life experiences, then spitting them back out in whatever artistic discipline you happen to find yourself practicing. A kind of snake eating its own tail….but with the kind of self-pitying pretentiousness that only folks who think they’re very clever indeed (that’s us) would want to impose on themselves.”

1. I – Truth
2. II – Or
3. III – Consequences
4. IV – Comma
5. V – Neu
6. VI – Mexico

A snippet of the EP, ‘II – Or’, can be heard below. Sugar Horse commented on the track by saying, “It’s a kind of rallying cry to those who create and appreciate art of all kinds, reminding the listener of art’s power as both sword and shield in this difficult world we navigate and attempt to survive. ‘Or’ is a reassuring hand on the shoulder and whisper in the ear. Through adversity there is redemption.”

Fans can pre-order/pre-save ‘Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico’ here.


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