Sugar Horse Explore the “imbalance of power” on ‘Office Job Simulator’

Sugar Horse 2024

Doomgaze greats Sugar Horse continue to tease their upcoming ‘Grand Scheme Of Things’ album. While the album won’t be released till October 4th, that hasn’t stopped the quartet from a track titled ‘Office Job Simulator’.

Layered sludgy elements, vocalist/guitarist Ashley Tubb’s towering vocals, and sharp, gritty blasts wrapped in a sea of heavy psychedelic shoegaze, it’s another example of Sugar Horse‘s mesmerising style.  Within all of that, there is Tubb’s lyrical angst against the social imbalance of mourning public figures and “regular everyday people”.

“Now people that know me definitely wouldn’t describe me as a supporter of the British monarchy….however…a few months after the death of my father, The Queen died. First of all, I wasn’t bothered by this…then after about two straight days of non-stop press coverage, it started really getting to me,” commented Tubb when discussing the inspiration behind the track. “Why does this random woman deserve weeks of non-stop press coverage and faux-outpourings of 3rd hand grief, when regular everyday people (like my dad) are more or less ignored? Life carries on as if nothing has happened. It’s kind of disgusting to me in a way. The imbalance of power. Think of this as our comrades’ call to arms.”

‘Office Job Simulator’ is the third track to be shared from ‘Grand Scheme Of Things’, following The Shape Of ASMR To Come, and ‘New Dead Elvis’‘Grand Scheme Of Things’ is released on October 4th on Pelagic Records.

In additional news, Sugar Horse have announced they will be playing two UK dates with Pijn and Hippotraktor later this year.

31st Downstairs At The Dome, London
1st Damnation Festival (no Pijn)
2nd Damnation Festival (Pijn only)
2nd Cardiff – The Moon (no Pijn)

‘Office Job Simulator’ Lyrics

Choirs of seraphim
Struck dumb
One just rank and file

Hide in plain site
Open wound
Live on through memory
Make this your tomb

Hills of heroin
Sink boats
Sucked down
Tongues our medicine

Unmarked grave
No subsumed
Live on through memory
Make this your tomb

Though he comes to greet us all
Fanfares sound for those they choose
All seems fair in love and war
For those unfound, and unmarked tomb

Though these grains of our sand free fall
Know your toil in these days meant more

A name in the mouth of a thousand tongues to come
A piece of a puzzle when all is said and done
One voice in a choir that screams in unison
A thunderstorm to drown out all they’ve…



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