The Story So Far Preview New Album with ‘All This Time’

The Story So Far
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Having shared details of their fifth album, ‘I Want To Disappear’, The Story So Far have shared another track from the record in the form of ‘All This Time’.

Serving as the album’s opener, ‘All This Time’, thrives with urgency due to Ryan Torf’s punching drums, and Kevin Geyer’s leading catchy guitars. Lyrically, it captures Parker Cannon reminiscing about the passing of his father, reflecting on his absence and looking for guidance.

It’s the third track to be lifted from ‘I Want To Disappear’ following ‘Letterman’ and ‘Big Blind’.

‘I Want To Disappear’ by The Story So Far is released on June 21st, 2024 on Pure Noise Records.

‘All This Time’ Lyrics

All this time you’ve just been counting down
Making plans for when you’re not around
And taking shells out of this loaded gun
Screaming out until my voice is numb

So just say you want out and we can
stop all this pain now
How many seasons you’re not around
I spread your ashes onto the ground

All this time you’ve just been counting down
Making plans for when your light goes out
when you said it’s like knives inside your mouth
And you can’t enjoy anything like this now
Life running out inside your house
And your mood lacks all direction

because you said you wanted out,
but there’s still so much pain now
How many reasons for bowing out
How can I cope with all this doubt?

Nothing standing in my way
I think of you every day
And if there is a better way
I Trust that you’ll show it to me


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