Album Review: Fizzy Blood – Feast EP

imageFizzy Blood are perhaps the hardest band to pigeonhole that I have ever had to review. Terms like “Horror Rock” seem to have been coined especially for this band. A healthy mix of QOTSA-style rock, a few slices of punk and a sprinkling of indie rock goodness make this ‘Feast’ very enjoyable indeed.

‘Black Sheep’ kicks things off in resounding fashion. It opens with a reverb-soaked eery guitar riff, and slowly moves into a tremolo-filled, almost theatrical-sounding verse. Less than 2 minutes in and we have our first glimpse of just how versatile Fizzy Blood really are. This takes the form of an enormous soaring hook of almost Muse-like stature that slips away as quickly as it came in. ‘Black Sleep’ does a great job of preparing you for just how outlandish this EP could get.

Next up is fan favourite ‘January Sun’. The weird almost ‘gypsy’ guitar intervals continue which gives an almost QOTSA-type vibe. Around the 2 minute mark, Fizzy Blood really kick it up a notch, another huge onslaught of vocals and drums leaves you wanting more. Dynamically ‘Feast’ is on another level, the frightening changes come from nowhere and slip away just as quickly.

‘Patience’ shows yet another side to the band. Delving into a darker realm, carried along by the massive sound of a deftones-esque slow drum beat coupled with slightly off kilter guitars. The falsetto-style melodramatic vocals on the chorus section make an obvious nod to Matt Bellamy of Muse fame, although they still work extremely well in this context. Another crushing riff follows, as the song twists and turns its way through every single of Fizzy Blood’s influences.

Put simply, Fizzy Blood have it all. Sometimes trying to do too much can be a bad thing, but the band excel at almost any genre they put their talented slant on. Sure it takes a few listens to really get, the songs are complex and you will notice a new little riff on every listen. Do yourself a favour and give them a real go. ‘Feast’ is one meal that everyone will enjoy.


’Feast’ EP by Fizzy Blood is out now.

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Words by Andy McGonigle (@andyjmcg87)


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