Review: The Burnt Tapes – Alterations EP

The Burnt Tapes have had quite a journey. Relocating to London from Athens, they have quickly found a corner of the UK punk scene that shares there ethos of inclusion and respect. Now they join forces with Lockjaw to bring ‘Alterations’ to the masses.

With a gruff punk rock sound and songs that could easily hang with the likes of Hot Water Music and Polar Bear Club, ‘Alterations’ hits hard from the top. The opening track of the same name is an ode to growing up. Fast paced, punchy and lyrically sound, The Burnt Tapes wear their heart on their sleeves. Phil Georgoulopoulo produces real passion with lines like “’cause at twenty eight what the fuck can you change” grabbing poignancy from raw delivery.

Single ‘Oh Marie’ swells in a post-punk mix of emotional vocals and punchy guitars backed by a strong rhythm section, while the brilliantly titled ‘Wayne Regretzky’ provides the real hook of the EP in a chorus made for sing-alongs. ‘Ghosts’ plods along in much the same vein and EP closer ‘Things Get Weird’ offers a darker side with brooding, droning guitars taking centre stage in the mix.

With 2 EP’s already in circulation ‘Alterations’ furthers the question of when will The Burnt Tapes put out something more substantial? With five short and sharp songs, nothing is given the time to catch fire. Although an undoubtedly great EP, there is an overwhelming feeling that The Burnt Tapes need to do something meaningful and do it soon.


‘Alterations’ EP by The Burnt Tapes is released on 2nd June on Lockjaw Records.

The Burnt Tapes links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Jay Harrison (@Just_Jay_89)


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