Review: Zebedy – Set the Pace EP

Taking inspiration from a plethora of big name bands, Welsh angular rock four-piece Zebedy are set to impress with their latest EP, ‘Set The Pace’. Formed in 2008, and with two albums and an EP under their belt, they are by no mean newcomers. With new EP ‘Set The Pace’ packing just as many heavy breakdowns as their last full-length ‘Marionette’, older fans of Zebedy won’t be disappointed.

Aptly named title track ‘Set The Pace’, gradually fades in with a memorable chant of “Set the pace or let the pace set you!” which immediately sets the tone for the entire EP. From the off the listener is hit with heavy guitars and pounding drums that scream for attention. Vocalist Jonny Harding-Smith transitions seamlessly between clean to raspy and harsh vocals throughout, demonstrating the band’s ability to change the entire tone of a track in an instant.

‘Of Revelations’ hits equally hard yet shows the quartet aren’t afraid to experiment. Taking a slightly more rhythmic tone, they play around with different time signatures, which really makes for an interesting approach. A stripped down, ambient midsection, sees all four members showcase angelic harmonies.

Another standout moment is closer ‘Bloom’. A track prefaced well by instrumental numer ‘In’, which makes for a gentle introduction the emotive last song. Packed with powerful screams and a multitude of lead guitar riffs, it never hits a lull and illustrates the sheer talent on offer.

Amidst the atmospheric vocals, and the thundering down-tuned riffs, Zebedy have created an EP dripping with character. Anyone looking for unique, hard-hitting songs, with catchy, anthemic lyrics will find plenty to like here.


‘Set the Pace’ EP by Zebedy is out now.

Zebedy links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Selina Payandee (@nekdep)


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