Taking Back Sunday Preview New Album with ‘Amphetamine Smiles’

Taking Back Sunday 2023
Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

With just a month until the release of ‘152’, Taking Back Sunday has shared a third track from the record – ‘Amphetamine Smiles’.

Described by guitarist John Nolan as “the product of some kind of magic,” ‘Amphetamine Smiles’ sees the quartet serve up a succulent and soft number with sweeping strings complementing the balladic emo-rock tone.

On the making of the track, Nolan also stated, “You could document the writing, arranging, and recording of ‘Amphetamine Smiles,’ but there’s no way to explain how it came together.”

The video for ‘Amphetamine Smiles’ carries on the narrative from ‘152’s previous singles; ‘The One’ and ‘S’old’. After a night where they played a backwards show in front of longtime friends, the TBS gang take a drive to Lake Montauk to spend some leisurely time on the water and later on the beach.

‘152’ is released on October 27th through Fantasy Records. Fans can pre-order the album here.

‘Amphetamine Smiles’ Lyrics

Standing on the corner you were waiting for me
It must’ve been past midnight
I started thinking to myself it’s been a bad couple years
Soon everything will be alright
The moon shines down on amphetamine smiles
We’ve finally got some time to kill
You ask if I can make the best of these bad decisions
I can
and I will

We talked until the sun came up
It meant so much
we can’t remember what
You better save yourself before you try and save somebody else
Now this is all you have
A moment that we won’t ever get back
(You won’t remember)
Better save yourself before you try and save somebody else

Half drunk Messiah with a smile on her face
She told me not to take them pills
I said girl you have no faith in medicine
Love you like a brother
Love you like no other
I’m going to love you like no other can

I am going to love you because no other can


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