Taking Back Sunday Share Final ‘152’ Preview

Taking Back Sunday 2023
Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

With the imminent release of ‘152’ just a few days away, Taking Back Sunday have shared one final track before its release on Friday. It’s called ‘Keep Going’ and sees the quartet produce a rousing number with light “woah”s scattered amongst the lyrical bitterness.

“’Keep Going’ is a song about struggling through relationships with the people you love,”  explained Taking Back Sunday‘s Mark O’Connell. “When it rains it pours, but you’ve got to get up and keep going. It’s a heavy song with an important message that fits the inclusive positivity of 152.”

‘Keep Going’ is the fourth track to be shared from ‘152’. It follows ‘The One’, S’old and ‘Amphetamine Smile’.

‘152’ is released on October 27th through Fantasy Records. Fans can pre-order the album here.

‘Keep Going’ Lyrics

You could forget about the devil but the devil won’t forget about you
Just because you’re winning that don’t mean you’ve got nothing to lose
I saw you walking down Lennox
Real human teeth
A mouth full of promise
No guarantees
You say its all over now
Call it blood under the bridge
You say what’s done is done
You don’t know what you did

I know what you did

Long past, Summer on my teeth
Long since you meant everything to me
Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
Nobody knows the trouble you’ve been

I’ve got no reason to be here
Im just trying to tell you the truth
Preaching to the choir never felt so fucking good
You said it’s all over now
Call it blood under the bridge
The problem isn’t that I’ve changed
The problem is that you’ve stayed the same
You boot stomping
Blood letting
Son of a bitch
I know what you’re doing
I know what you did

Nobody knows the trouble you’ve been


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