#Newish Music Playlist Update (13/10/2023)

Our #NewishMusic playlist has had another massive update with 40 new tracks added.

blink-182 – ‘FELL IN LOVE’
Bring Me The Horizon – ‘DArkSide’
Judas Priest – ‘Panic Attack’
The Menzingers – ‘Try’
Say Anything – ‘Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent)’
Plain White T’s – ‘You Plus Me’
Youth Fountain – ‘Identical Days’
Thornhill – ‘Viper Room’
Bad Books – ‘The After Party’
Scott Stapp – ‘What I Deserve’
Full Of Hell and NOTHING – ‘Spend The Grace’
Bad Rabbits – ‘In Love & Plane Crashes’
Blanket – ‘Euphoria’
BONES UK – ‘Ride’
Delilah Bon – ‘WITCH’ (ft Alk Blk Era)
Have Mercy – ‘Alive’
Dead Nice – ‘Outsider’
awakebutstillinbed – ‘clearview’
Year of the Knife – ‘Your Control’
END – ‘Thaw’ (ft Debbie Gough of Heriot)
Spiritual Cramp – ‘Better Off This Way’
Future Static – ‘The Hour Glass’
Continents – ‘Hurricane’
Blacktoothed – ‘Carried Away’
HourHouse – ‘LSD’
Crystal Lake – ‘Dystopia’
True North – ‘I Dragged Us In’
Mugshot – ‘Cold Will’
One Morning Left – ‘Neon Inferno (Paradise)’
Gama Bomb – ‘Rusted Gold’
Enterprise Earth – ‘King of Ruination’
Green Lung – ‘One For Sorrow’
Venera – ‘Ochre’ (ft HEALTH)
Burnt Tapes – ‘Little Sister’ (ft. Hannah Greenwood)
Kite Thief – ‘Judge Judy & Executioner’
Crushed By Wave – ‘Too Much Too Fast’
Animal Shithouse – ‘CK’
Plaiins – ‘Scared To Lose You’
The Boxer Rebellion – ‘Powdered Sugar’
Cherym – ‘Do It Another Day’
tAKiDA – ‘Your blood awaits you’
Felicity – ‘She’s Nuclear’
Hotline TNT – ‘Out of Town’
bdrmm – ‘Mud’
My Octopus Mind – ‘Sabretooth Monkey’

You can also find the playlist on Apple Music.


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