#Newish Music Playlist Update (19/01/2024)

NewishMusic Enter Shikari

It’s been a hectic week* for new music that this latest #NewishMusic Playlist contains over 60(!) fresh tracks. From interesting collaborations, massive hooks, meaty riffs, and more, there’s plenty of new music to feast on.

The latest update includes:

  • Enter Shikari and Fever 333′s Jason Butler teaming up on ‘Losing My Grip’ as they prepare to tour the UK next month.
  • Yellowcard preview their upcoming collaborative album with ambient specialists Hammock.
  • While Mayday Parade are going down the lofi beats route.
  • Acres celebrate joining Solid State / Tooth & Nail Records with the monstrous ‘A Different Shade Of Misery’.
  • Chelsea WolfeiDKHOWBeing As An OceanDarkest HourIhsahnCaligula’s Horse, Bokassa, Kill The Lights, Florence Black, and Bright and Black are among those who continue to preview new albums by dropping fresh tracks.
  • While Ash, P.O.D., BlanketGulferDefocusMastiffThe Wind CovenantMarisa And The MothsEl Moono, and Aerial Salad have unleashed new tracks as they all announce new releases.

Here’s the full list of additions:

Enter Shikari & Jason Butler – ‘Losing My Grip’
Chelsea Wolfe – ‘Everything Turns Blue’
Ash – ‘Race The Night (Acoustic)’
Yellowcard & Hammock – ‘Ocean Avenue’
Mayday Parade – ‘Jamie All Over (Lofi)’
iDKHOW – ‘Infatuation’
Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties – ‘In Lieu Of Flowers’
Being As An Ocean – ‘Fullness Of My Being’
Acres – ‘A Different Shade of Misery’
Blanket – ‘Ceremonia’
P.O.D. – ‘I Won’t Bow Down’
Invent Animate – ‘Sleepless Deathbed’
Landmvrks – ‘Creature’
Rarity – ‘Keep It To Yourself’ / ‘OKAY’
K.Flay – ‘Carsick’
LØLØ – ‘2 of Us’
Palaye Royale – ‘umakemenotwannadie’
Yours Truly – ‘Call My Name’
Greywind – ‘Swing and Sway’
Gulfer – ‘Too Slow’
Fit For A King – ‘Keeping Secrets’
Darkest Hour – ‘Societal Bile’
Telltale – ‘Cardinals’
Bloom – ‘You & I’
Kill The Lights – ‘From Ashes’
Defocus – ‘Flatlines’
The Wind Covenant – ‘The Wonders We Leave Behind’
Caligula’s Horse – ‘Stormchaser’
Bokassa – ‘The Ending Starts Today’
Mastiff – ‘Serrated’
Noah and the Loners – ‘Crash Landing’
The Black Crowes – ‘Wanting and Waiting’
Bright and Black – ‘Mounts of Misfortune’
Florence Black – ‘Bed of Nails’
Marisa And The Moths – ‘Who Are You Waiting For?’
Murder Club – ‘Pictures of Myself’
South Of Salem – ‘Jet Black Eyes’
El Moono – ‘The First Man On Mars’
Aerial Salad – ‘Big Business’
Crushed By Waves – ‘You Know’
South Arcade – ‘Nepo Baby’
GUN – ‘Take Me Back Home’
Amaranthe – ‘Re-Vision’
Letters Sent Home – ‘I hope I die first’
Chroma – ‘Girls Talk’
Flight Mode – ‘Surprised at All’
Sable Hills – ‘Odyssey’
Slope – ‘Why Sad’
The K’s – ‘No Place Like Home’
The Boxer Rebellion – ‘A Man As Alive As The City’
Mad Caddies – ‘Baby’
DragonForce – ‘Astro Warrior Anthem’
Ihsahn – ‘The Distance Between Us”
Midas Fall – ‘Monsters’
Crownshift – ‘If You Dare’
Ov Sulfar – ‘Hivemind’
Avralize – ‘Lotus’
Rundown Kreeps – ‘Big Bear’
Big | Brave – ‘I Felt A Funeral’
Arriving Home – ‘King’
The Moor – ‘Ombra’
The Lunar Effect – ‘Pulling Daisies’
Doomcrusher – ‘Breakout’
Aborted – ‘Death Cult’ ft. Alex Erian
Mothman, The Man – ‘Mother Leeds’ 13th Child, Pts. 1 & 2’
Alase – ‘Love Crime’
The Promised End – ‘Smash & Grab’
Thomas Nicholas Band – ‘Better Than Home’

*Yes, I know a few of these tracks are over a week old.


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