#Newish Music Playlist Update (27/11/2024)

Another week and another barrage of fresh new tracks have been added to our #NewishMusic Playlist.

As always, we’ve added some of the best new music from the world of rock, metal, punk, hardcore, metalcore, pop-punk, and all things alternative.

  • Kid Bookie previews next summer’s ‘Songs For The Living // Songs For The Dead’ album with a dystopian anthem – ‘AI Save Yourself’.
  • Brit rock legends Feeder preview their upcoming debut album, ‘Black / Red’, with two new singles.
  • Graphic Nature delivers a frantic slice of metalcore with ‘Fractured’.
  • If you’re looking for more of the heavy stuff, we’ve got new tracks from Being As An OceanNorthlaneBlackGoldAlpha Wolf, Many Eyes, INDEVTHDefocus, and Half Me.
  • Noise-pop trio Superlove returns with the hyper-energetic ‘NRG’.

Here’s the full list of additions:

Kid Bookie – ‘AI Save Yourself’
Feeder -‘The Knock’ / ‘Soldiers Of Love’
Graphic Nature – ‘Fractured’
Being As An Ocean – ‘Flesh And Bone’
Northlane – ‘Dante’
New Years Day – ‘Secrets’
BlackGold – ‘Back With Another One’
Alpha Wolf – ‘Bring Back The Noise’
Future Static – ‘Plated Gold’
Capstan – ‘Bloom’
Superlove – ‘NRG’
Blackout Problems – ‘GLOFS'(feat. Rou Reynolds)
Sonic Boom Six – ‘Future Shock’ / ‘One of the Boys’
Mad Caddies – ‘Palm Trees and Pines’
George Gadd + The Aftermath – ‘Last Order’
Many Eyes – ‘Mystic Cord’
Kris Barras Band – ‘Unbreakable’
Any Given Day – ‘Unbreakable’
The Halo Effect – ‘The Defiant One’
GUN – ‘All Fired Up’
Midas Fall – ‘Cold Waves Divide Us’
Lift The Curse – ‘Until We Meet Again’
Mould – ‘Birdsong’
Equilibrium – ‘Cerulean Skies’
Darko – ‘What I Cannot Be’
Slope – ‘It’s Tickin”
Imperial Wax – ‘Less I Need’
The K’s – ‘Heart On My Sleeve’
STORM – ‘After a Lie’
Defocus – ‘crooked mind’
Half Me – ‘Concrete Ceiling’
Immerse – ‘Static’
Save Us – ‘Haunt’
Glass Heart – ‘Letting Go’
Recess – ‘Rust’
Breichiau Hir – ‘Penseiri’
Metrik – ‘Abyss’
The Menstrual Cramps – ‘Body Politics’
Blue Eyed Giant – ‘Everyones A Slave To Something’
Meltheads – ‘Night Gym’
GXTP – ‘Lust & Purity’
Unhealthy While Unhinged – ‘Trump Car’



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