#Newish Music Playlist Update (30/10/2023)

Green Day 2023
Photo Credit: Alice Baxley

The past seven days have seen a wealth of fresh tracks be released. As always, we’ve added a whole heap of them to our #NewishMusic Playlist.

Some of the highlights include:

  • ‘The American Dream Is Killing Me’, the first single from Green Day‘s new album. ‘Saviors’ will be released on January 19th, 2024 via Reprise/Warner Records.
  • The likes of Chelsea WolfeBob VylanLIL LOTUSCaseyGlitterer, Erase Theory, The Seafloor Cinema, Sadness & Complete Disappointment, and Liam Cromby are among those who have shared previews of forthcoming releases.

Overall, there are over 50 new tracks on the playlist.

Green Day – ‘The American Dream Is Killing Me’
blink-182 – ‘Cut Me Off’ / ‘See You’
Taking Back Sunday – ‘Keep Going’
L.S. Dunes – ‘Old Wounds (Demo)’
Chelsea Wolfe – ‘Whispers in the Echo Chamber’
Interlaker – ‘The Hunger’ / ‘Bottomless Pit’
The Early November – ‘About Me’
Bob Vylan – ‘He’s A Man’
LIL LOTUS – ‘she’s a vampire’
Casey – ‘How To Disappear’
Glitterer – ‘Plastic’
Dance Gavin Dance – ‘War Machine’
Erase Theory – ‘The Good Kind’
Dead Pony – ‘About Love’
Charly Bliss – ‘I Need A New Boyfriend’
Dead Icarus – ‘So I Set Myself On Fire’
Capstan – ‘Bête Noire’ / ‘Heart to Heart’
The Seafloor Cinema – ‘Geese Attack’
Sadness & Complete Disappointment – ‘High’
Liam Cromby – ‘Feel The Same’
Lunars – ‘Figure It Out’
IDestroy – ‘All My Friends Are Plastic’
The Scratch – ‘Cheeky Bastard’
Profiler – ‘All In Forever’
For When You Can’t Breathe and Lil Used – ‘All My Friends Still Ask about You’
Floya – ‘Stay’
Plini – ‘Ember’
Blue Stragglers – ‘Fool’s Errand’
Tijuana Bibles – ‘Unknown’
Letter Sent Home – ‘Request Denied’
Lucifer – ‘At The Mortuary (Halloween Edit)’
El Moono – ‘Chains’
LEVELS – ‘Pulse’
Newmoon – ‘Fading Phase’
Bellwether – ‘Bloodline’ (ft. Mikey Arthur)
Muscle Vest – ‘Glue Trap’
Lies We Sold – ‘Journey To Rebuild’
Bristol To Memory – ‘Watch Out’
Rosen Bridge – ‘Ghost’
Embers – ‘Eating Me Alive’ (ft. Kellin Quinn)
Save Us – ‘Drift’
Exit Eden – ‘Run’ (ft. Marko Hietala)
Comastatic – ‘Fix It All’
GVLLOW – ‘Last Dance’
Parts Per Million – ‘CTRL ALT DEL’
j:dead – ‘Harbour’
Liquid State – ‘Blossom’
Drip Fed Empire – ‘MK4’


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