It’s Friday, so you’d expect a whole bunch of new tracks to be unleashed to the masses today and you’re not going to be disappointed. We’ve loaded up our #Newish Music Playlist with 50 songs that have been released over the past few days.

As well as previously mentioned new tracks from Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesNeck DeepVukovi, Joshua Roberts, and Flight Mode, there are several highlights among the 50 new songs added:

Here’s the Full List of New Tracks Added

Judas Priest – ‘Trial By Fire’
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Brambles’
Neck Deep – ‘We Need More Bricks’
Better Loves – ‘Two Alive Amongst The Dead’
VUKOVI – ‘Mercy Kill’
Real Friends – ‘When You Were Here’
Manchester Orchestra – ‘The Way (Live from The Armory)’
Joshua Roberts – ‘Darkness’
H.E.R. – ‘The Glass’
Darkest Hour – ‘ Perpetual | Terminal’
I See Stars – ‘D4MAGE DONE’
Heriot – ‘Soul Chasm’
Imminence – ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’
BLOOM – ‘Maybe In Another Life’
Charlotte Sands – ‘Pity’
Mom Jeans – ’40 Hands’
Flight Mode – ‘Hyperventilate’
Chuck Ragan – ‘Echo The Halls’
Crawlers – ‘Call It Love’
Gen and the Degenerates – ‘Famous’
Lauran Hibberd – ‘Mary’
Blackberry Smoke – ‘Hammer And The Nail’
The Seafloor Cinema – ‘Oakland’s Finest Glass Beaches’
Defects – ‘Broken Bloodlines’
Harker – ‘Lights Go Out’
Redhook – ‘Tourist’
Greywind – ‘Antidote’
Celeste – ‘Plisse Les Yeux Jusqu’au Sang’
Dogma – ‘Made Her Mine’
Bokassa – ‘Let’s Storm The Capitol’
Amaranthe – ‘Outer Dimensions’
Ihsahn – ‘Pilgrimage To Oblivion’
Post Profit – ‘Two Toxic’
Tenside – ‘Impending Doom (ft. John Henry)’
The Dialectic – ‘Harvest The Young’
n0trixx – ‘Hard To Be A God’
Escuela Grind – ‘Ball and Chain’
Enterprise Earth – ‘The Reaper’s Servant’
Bright & Black – ‘Nidhugg’
Lord Dying – ‘The Endless Road Home’
A. Charles – ‘Low Man’
Hunter Oliveri – ‘Spiraling Out’
Garzi – ‘Growing Up (Ft. Matty Mullins)’
The Wanton Bishops – ‘We Are One’
tAKiDA – ‘Third Strike’
FreeHowling – ‘Blazed’
Mutes – ‘Mere Slaughter’
Mothman, The Man – ‘Gigantopithecus’
Glass Violet – ‘Oxygen Machine’

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